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  • How do I get to MYO Club?
    The MYO CLUB is located at 653 Curé-Labelle Boulevard in Laval. To get there, you can take highway 15, then exit 14 north.
  • Where can I park my vehicle when I go to MYO Club?
    Outdoor parking is available and accessible for Myo Club members and their guests.
  • Do I need to book for services like washing my car?
    Yes. If you wish to obtain this service, you must reserve by email by writing to us at
  • What dress code prevails at MYO Club?
    The MYO CLUB being a club for business people, it goes without saying that you come to it with a casual professional outfit, for men as for business people. women. In a jacket and tie, with dress pants or dark jeans and a sports jacket, you will always be welcomed there. For ladies, business suits, dresses or business attire are recommended. Faded or ripped jeans, Bermuda shorts, sports shoes and beach sandals are not accepted.
  • Can I visit the MYO Club before becoming a member?
    If you wish to visit the premises of the MYO Club, it is possible to do so under certain conditions. To book a visit for your next membership, we invite you to contact us by email It is also possible to organize a visit if you are a member and plan to organize a business event, a social event, a conference or a private event. Our event organization specialists can then guide you in choosing a room, the electronic equipment you will need, our catering menu, etc.
  • How much does MYO Club membership cost?
    To become a member of the MYO Club, you must first pay a membership fee. Your MYO Club membership entitles you to all the services offered by the Club. Several subscriptions are available, see the page Our Subscriptions for all the details.
  • Can we organize family events (a wedding, for example) at the MYO Club?
    Yes. The MYO Club organizes such events at the request of its members and our experienced staff is able to take care of everything. Under certain conditions, it is even possible to hold events with us without being a member; the organization of weddings, for example, is not reserved only for members of the MYO Club. For more information, we invite you to contact us by email or use the room reservation form on the Contact page.
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